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Hotel Rwanda with Terry George 18 Apr
I’ll Tell Me Ma 28 Apr - 28 Apr H
Bill Clinton Hercules 16 Apr - 17 Apr
Liam Williams: Capitalism 24 Apr
Reassembled, Slightly Askew 30 Apr - 5 May
13 Vices 8 Apr
MAC Easter Egg Hunt 4 Apr
Ed Bennett & Xenia Pestova and John Butcher 23 Apr
Lally the Scut 14 Apr - 2 May
Eraserhead: Live soundtrack by Cercueil 22 Apr
Night Music - Thérèse Fahy 1 Apr
Sheriff Sam's Storytime Saturday 4 Apr
The Confession 25 Apr
Records Collecting Dust 18 Apr

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Crazy 26 May - 14 Jun