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Am I Right Ladies?! 18 Jun - 20 Jun
Crazy 26 May - 14 Jun
Donal Scullion - Album Launch 21 Jun
Rory Nellis - Ready For You Now, Album Launch 20 Jun
MAC Book Club 18 Jun
Storytime Sunday - June 7 Jun
Grease – a murder mystery evening 19 Jun H
The Wizard of Oz 23 Jun - 24 Jun H
The Bruiser MAC Summer schools - Applications 29 May
Bruiser MAC Graduate Academy - Applications 5 Jun
StormBird 10 Jun

I'm after the wild witty and wonderful. Inspire me.

I’m after the best shows and events. What's not to be missed?

I'm after something special. What treats do you have?

I want to entertain the family, big and small.What've you got?

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Crazy 26 May - 14 Jun