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A Girl is a Half-formed Thing 17 Feb - 21 Feb
Black 3 Feb - 4 Feb
David Meade: Million Dollar Mindreader 27 Feb - 28 Feb
Storytime Sundays 1 Mar
Storytime Sundays 1 Feb
Quartet for 15 Chairs 7 Feb - 8 Feb
Over the Wire 10 Feb - 14 Feb
Padraig Rynne's NOTIFY and Pauline Scanlon 27 Feb
The 5th Province 30 Jan - 31 Jan
God of Carnage 3 Feb - 21 Feb A
The Imp 25 Feb
Night Music - Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble 4 Feb
MADE Monthly: Youth Art Peer Group 24 Feb
Dance on Film: In Spite of Wishing and Wanting 5 Feb
MAC Book Club 12 Feb
Family Fun: Crafty Cupid 14 Feb

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A Girl is a Half-formed Thing 17 Feb - 21 Feb