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The MAC Belfast - exterior image shot - black and white

Our Artist in Residence space is a unique facility that brings international, national and home-grown artists from a range of genres to the MAC.


Igniting creative collaboration with the MAC’s artistic partners, audiences and local communities, the Artist in Residence programme is helping to shape the cultural landscape in Northern Ireland. 

We are pleased to welcome musician Tony Wright to the MAC Artist in Residence space until 31 August 2018. 

Photograph of John Patrick Higgins, wearing a black shirt and looking directly at the camera.

Current Artist in Residence

Current Artist in Residence: Tony Wright

Tony Wright is 20 years – man and boy - into a remarkable career as a musician. From being courted by big labels at the age of 15 to conquering the DIY scene in his late twenties, to an increasingly compelling solo career with his latest acclaimed musical incarnation VerseChorusVerse, Tony has seen the world & can't decide whether he is richer or poorer for it. With the keen eye of a documentary maker, Tony will spend some of his time at the MAC finalising his first book, in which he'll take us through the highest of highs and the most despairing of lows that make up his “pretty weird life” so far! 

Look out for more information on his upcoming show and book launch at the MAC.

Previous Artists in Residence

Here's a list of our previous artists in residence at the MAC since we opened in 2012.

  • John Patrick Higgins - May - June 2018
  • Anna Leckey: Jan - March 2018
  • Samantha Porciello: Winter 2017
  • Carol Moore: July-Aug 2017
  • Oona Doherty: June 2017
  • Shannon Sickels (Yee): Spring 2017
  • Clare Dwyer-Hogg: Winter 2016-17
  • AMINI (Artist's Moving Image Northern Ireland): Autumn 2016
  • Conor Mitchell: Summer 2016 
  • Katie Richardson: Summer 2016
  • David Lyttle: Spring 2016
  • Gerard Gormley: Winter 2015
  • Leonie McDonagh: Spring 2015
  • Fionnuala Fagan: Winter 2014
  • Patrick J O’Reilly: Spring 2014
  • Damian Gorman: Spring 2013
  • Conor Mitchell: Winter 2012
  • Jimmy McAleavey: Autumn 2012
  • Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC): Spring 2012