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The Permanent Present, the 1 permanent artwork in the MAC made from hundreds of colourful copper wires.

Hatch & Scratch provides local artists, at any point in their career working in live performance or interested in exploring live performance with the opportunity to scratch, explore, and experiment with the most embryonic of ideas in a supported environment.


Hatch & Scratch: Open Call

Hatch & Scratch is an annual opportunity for artists based in Northern Ireland, working with live performance. The scheme is designed to support artists over a six-month period to nurture a new idea from its most embryonic stage to the point of a first work-in-progress showing. Up to six artists will be supported with a bursary, workspace at the MAC, mentoring or coaching from MAC staff and associates, as well as a guaranteed slot in the MAC’s Scratch Night. We want to encourage risk-taking and experimentation as well as providing a platform to share new work, so we will work with successful applicants to tailor the support we offer to best suit their needs.

Hatch & Scratch is open to artists based in Northern Ireland at any stage of their career who feel they would benefit from a period of supported development. We welcome applications from companies and collectives as well as individual artists and creatives. This year, proposals should respond to mental health and wellbeing, whether directly or more abstractly, we are open to any approach.

Photograph collage of all 4 HATCH artists in 2017-18

Previous HATCH Artists

Here's a list of our previous HATCH artists at the MAC.

2017 - 2018

  • Emily DeDakis
  • Paradosso Theatre 
  • Alana Henderson

2015 - 2016 

  • Paula O’Reilly 
  • Oona Doherty 
  • Amadan

2014 - 2015

  • Chatterbox
  • Off the Rails Dance
  • Shannon Yee

2013 - 2014

  • Niall Rea
  • Clare Lamont
  • Mary Francis Doherty