Meet the Artist

Founded in 2012, Dead Centre are artistic directors, Bush Moukarzel and Ben Kidd, and producer, Natalie Hans.

Dead Centre are based between Dublin and London. They have made eight projects, of which six have premiered in Dublin as well as International projects in Berlin and Vienna.
Dead Centre’s award-winning performances, including Lippy, Hamnet, Chekov’s First Play, and Beckett’s Room, have toured internationally and nationally. They are regularly supported by Dublin Theatre Festival, National Theatre Studio, the Gate and the Abbey Theatre.

Dead Centre

About the Project

“All stories begin in our endings. We invent them because we die” - To Be a Machine, Mark O’Connell

To Be a Machine (Version 1.0) is an adaptation of the Wellcome prize-winning book by Mark O’Connell: an exploration of Transhumanism, a movement whose aim is to use technology to fundamentally change the human condition, to improve our bodies and minds to the point where we become something other, and better, than the animals we are.
In November 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Dead Centre were able to live-stream To Be a Machine from the MAC’s upstairs theatre. The MAC was able to offer space and staff support as a co-presenter of the work. The performance was streamed to audiences all over the world as part of IMPACT Festival, Théâtre de Liège, Belgium. A truly international co-presentation in the middle of a pandemic…all in a days work.