Janie Doherty

Meet the Artist

Janie Doherty is a freelance dance artist working in Northern Ireland. After graduating with a first class honours in dance, Janie was a full time ensemble member of Echo Echo Dance Theatre company in Derry. During this time Janie developed, performed and co-created performances to go on tour with the company including The Cove, Without by Rosemary Lee and In Tall Grass by Alessandra Celesia. Janie has won numerous awards from the Arts council, Creative Industries, and Acorn Legacy to develop her work and travel to New York, Germany and Massachusetts.

Janie Doherty

About the Project

Janie is working with the MAC to re-develop her performance, The Politics of Comfort. The Politics of Comfort is a multi-media performance exploring the synthesis of social identities in matriarchal bun culture. It deconstructs the everyday movement and language of Derry’s bun trade to describe an ulterior reality that embodies the tension between the joke and the jab.

Janie on Politics of Comfort and her practice:

“I enjoy having a small groove in the mundane places such as post offices and supermarkets.

I am fascinated by people, how we move around each other and make small talk. I think it can take extra effort not to be hardened to the gentle, poetic choreography that happens around all the time. I have become particularly interested in the things we say to ourselves and others as comfort. A mantra is a healing thing if you believe it. Since peeping into the bun culture oven, the dense amounts of bakeries, the lard, the healing chat, the feeding comfort… I have drenched myself in all things buttery and sweet and used these treats as a metaphor for something bigger. A network of women holding things together, gently hugging tension away. Softness is strength.”