Lilliput Now was one of the MAC’s cross-community projects, inspired by the themes of Big Telly’s & the MAC’s production of Gulliver.


In a collaboration between renowned Irish artist Ursula Burke and a group of young artists from Belfast, Lilliput Now re-imagined one of Jonathan Swift’s most famous creations, the Lilliputians of Gulliver’s Travels. The project represented the society which surrounds young people today.

Who is it for?

This project was completed by a group of young people from a number of art groups in Belfast.

The young artists involved were Rose Kane, Caoimhe Wills, Bronagh Murray, Eimear Mervyn, Rosie Oliver, Hanna Loughran, Rosie Hughes, Christine McCullough and Irene Gonzalez.

How it works

The group of young artists took part in workshops at the MAC led by renowned Irish artist Ursula Burke to create their slipcast figurines.

The final output of this project was a series of stunning, delicate and unique figurines which were displayed in our Common Room in September 2015 for the public to enjoy.

Further Information

This project is now complete.

Photos & Videos