“Untitled” (For Belfast) is a unique and exciting community project in which the MAC brought the artwork of world-famous artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres out of the galleries and into the streets of Belfast.


The artwork “Untitled” (For Jeff) appeared across 24 different billboard sites in Belfast as part of the accompanying exhibition at the MAC.

Who is it for?

We invited strangers from communities across Belfast to meet at the billboard sites and talk to each other, underneath this quiet and beautiful artwork by Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

How it works

On specific days throughout the months of November and December 2015, a bench was positioned opposite seven of the billboard sites displaying the artwork.

The MAC invited different members of the community to meet at the bench to contemplate and engage in a totally open discussion about the artwork. Participants were interviewed by local artist and filmmaker Angela Halliday and the resulting film of the project was exhibited in the MAC in January 2016. 

Further Information

This project is now complete.

Photos & Videos