How To Fail As a Popstar

All ages

Dates, Times & Prices for The Untold Truth of Captain Hook
Date: 6 Oct & 8 Oct 2022
Time: 8pm
Duration: 1hr 15mins
Location: Upstairs at the MAC
£15 - £17
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Dates & Times

Dates & Times for The How To Fail As a Popstar
Thu 6 Oct 2022 9:00pm £17.00 Book Now
Sat 8 Oct 2022 9:00pm £17.00 Book Now


Broadway World

A moving tale that any person who’s struggled to achieve their dreams can easily relate to...

Globe and Mail

How to Fail As A Popstar is a qualified success.

Now Magazine

Shraya may not have reached the top echelon of pop stardom, but sharing her persistence and self-discovery just might be a bigger gift. Afterall, these are the stories we rarely hear told.

Mooney on Theatre

Shraya scores a big success.

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