Mary Gauthier: Dark Enough to See The Stars

Date: 10 Apr 2024
Time: 7:45pm
Duration: 2hrs 25mins
Location: Downstairs at the MAC
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Dates & Times

Dates & Times for The Mary Gauthier: Dark Enough to See The Stars
Wed 10 Apr 2024 7:45pm £27.50 Book Now

Team & Cast


  • Mary Gauthier
  • Jaimee Harris 


Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times

With songwriting as powerful as hers, there’s no need to go looking for qualifiers. She’s a unique, intrinsically valuable musical voice. And there’s never a surplus of those.

The Associated Press

“...from start to finish, Gauthier masterfully makes the personal universal.”

American Songwriter

“Mary Gauthier is known for her astute ability to share sentiments common to all, even when those truths may be difficult to discern. She’s never shrunk from that responsibility as it applies to probing the depth of her soul in order to uncover those sentiments that may well resonate with others as well.”

Glide Magazine

“..these songs on Dark Enough to See the Stars resonate with emotions that many of us have felt in recent times but were unable to express nearly as well as Gauthier does.”

No Depression

“Fall Apart World, the track that opens Mary Gauthier’s new album, Dark Enough to See the Stars, might just be a perfect song…Gauthier’s album shines as one of the best of the year so far."

Entertainment Focus

“‘Dark Enough to See the Stars’ is certain to be a musical highlight of the year, and another Gauthier classic to carry with us through the journey of life.”

Glide Magazine

Dark Enough to See the Stars stands with her very best work. Just as her song “Mercy Now” has been covered by many artists, this collection of ten songs has several that should endure for years to come. You may shed some tears, recall fond memories of your own, or simply just marvel at how Gauthier delivers so many poignant, relatable emotions that most of us would be hard-pressed to express. Rarely does an album have so much emotional impact.”


“Under heartfelt wishes for no more pain or struggle, and thoughts of reuniting beyond this mortal coil, Dark Enough To See The Stars shows Mary Gauthier as a subtle, evocative wordsmith at her peak. It’s a highly rewarding album.”

Entertainment Focus

“From the opening number to the last, the album is captivating, leaving you in no doubt that you’re in the company of one of the great storytellers and songwriters of our age.”

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