Masterclass by Hector Aristizabal: Reconnecting to Our Soul and the Soul of the World


Date: 23 Apr 2023
Time: 12pm - 5pm
Duration: 300 mins
Location: The Factory
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Dates & Times

Dates & Times for The Masterclass by Hector Aristizabal: Reconnecting to Our Soul and the Soul of the World
Sun 23 Apr 2023 12:00pm £10.00 Book Now

About Hector Aristizabal


Hector was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia when it was the most dangerous city in the world. One of his brothers was seduced by the power of crack cocaine and another by the promises of revolutionary armed struggle. Hector’s path was different. He worked his way out of poverty to become a theatre-artist and pioneering psychologist with a Masters degree from Antioquia University, then survived civil war, arrest and torture at the hands of the US-supported military.

In 1989, violence and death threats forced him to leave his homeland. In exile, Hector struggled to overcome his rage and desire for vengeance but instead channelled these energies into constructive social action. As an activist, he uses theatrical performance as part of the movement to end torture and to change US policy in Latin America. He founded ImaginAction to help people tap the transformative power of theatre in programs throughout the US, Latin America, Europe and around the world, as far afield as Afghanistan, India, and Palestine, for community building and reconciliation, strategizing, and individual healing and liberation.

He has served on the core council of the Colombia Peace Project-LA and on the boards of the Program for Torture Victims and of Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, a global forum for social justice based on the ideas of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal.

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