Bilal Akkouche


Meet the Artist

Bilal Akkouche is originally from Cambridge but has lived in London since 2015. He finished his MSc Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics having written his dissertation on the current Algerian protests named: “Thawra al-Ibtisam” (The Revolution of Smiles): An Analysis of the Protest Songs, Slogans and Symbols of the 2019 Algerian Hirak. Currently, Bilal is working at Tate Britain as a Curatorial Intern, focusing on the rehang of the permanent collection, diversifying acquisitions and an upcoming photography exhibition which focuses on Britain’s role in colonialism and the effects it had on migration to the UK.

Bilal was awarded the INIVA Scholarship to study MA Curating and Collections at the Chelsea College of Arts (UAL). He aims to focus on further politicising curation as a practice and focusing on representing artistic forms of protest and contestation in gallery spaces as well as public spaces.