Muff Busters: Contraception
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Join the Vagina Museum for a closer look at their inaugural exhibition Muff Busters: Vagina Myths and How To Fight Them.


Muff Busters: Contraception

With this exhibition, it was important to start with the basics. Like any under-represented topic, more myths and legends exist, about all things ‘down there’, than fact. This misinformation has a real and negative impact on people’s lives.

This series of events with the Vagina Museum has highlighted just a handful of the myths that circulate in popular culture, the internet, and media about gynaecological anatomy and hopes to prove that myths and legends are for fairy-tales, not our bodies. Last in our Vagina Museum series, contraception!

About the Vagina Museum

There is a penis museum in Iceland, but there is no vagina equivalent anywhere in the world. Founder Florence Schechter was pretty miffed (muffed?!) when she discovered this. Not one to rest on her laurels Florence set out to rectify the situation. How? To create The Vagina Museum, of course.

The project was launched in 2017 and started with pop-ups across London including exhibitions and events at The Royal Institution, the Feminist Library, and the Freud Museum and at Green Man Festival in Wales, before opening the first premises at Camden Market.

About the speakers


Pronouns: She/Her

The founder of the Vagina Museum, Florence’s background is in science communication. She came highly commended in the Women of the Future Awards 2017 in the arts and culture category for her work. As a science communicator, she has performed around the world at the Science Museum, Royal Society, British Science Festival, BlueDot Festival, Abu Dhabi Science Festival and the Grant Museum, to name a few. She also sits on the Trajectory, Ideas and Ambassadors Board of Cheltenham Science Festival.


Pronouns: She/her

Sarah is a curator and exhibitions manager with over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of museum and galleries throughout the UK, including the British Museum, Museum of London and IWM. With a passion for contemporary art and social history, Sarah has championed numerous research and exhibition projects ranging from punk culture in 1970s London to contemporary Cuban documentary photography, and has a passion for making accessible and inclusive cultural content for all. An LGBTQ+ advocate and proud feminist, Sarah sees joining the Vagina Museum team as a perfect opportunity to combine her professional experience with her passion for championing open and honest discussions around sexual health, reproductive rights and gynaecology.


Pronouns: They/Them

Margaret Middleton is an exhibit designer who recently moved to Belfast from the United States. With an educational background in industrial design and 15 years of experience in the museum field, Middleton’s work resides at the intersection of design and social justice. They also write and consult with museums on family-inclusive and queer-inclusive practice.

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