SISTERS Nuala Donnelly 358x268
SISTERS Katie Tumelty Rachel Murray 358x268
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Damian Gorman
SISTERS Katie Tumelty Rachel Murray 358x268
SISTERS Rachel Murray Katie Tumelty 358x268
SISTERS Nuala Donnelly
SISTERS Katie Tumelty Rachel Murray
SISTERS Katie Tumelty 2
SISTERS Rachel Murray2
SISTERS Katie Tumelty 3


NINOW100: Audio Play

In SISTERS, a short play for voices, Damian Gorman turns a meeting between two sisters into a wry commentary on things in Northern Ireland, as they discuss, between themselves, their father’s future.

Damian also suggests an alternative title for this piece; Where Shall We Bury the Living?

Written by Damian Gorman
Paula voiced by Katie Tumelty
Betty voiced by Rachel Murray
Waiter voiced by Simon Magill
Directed by Nuala Donnelly
Sound & Music Composition by Garth McConaghie

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