The Party Party (A Complete History of Parties in NI (1921-2021))
Emily DeDakis

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The Party Party (A Complete History of Parties in NI (1921-2021)) by Emily DeDakis stars Libby Huntley, Ruby Campbell, Thomas Finnegan and Cailum Carragher. This series was produced by the MAC, Belfast, Directed by Colm G Doran, with sound and music composition by Constance Keane and live recording by Damian Hughes and Ian Jordan.

The Party Party is a collection of memories of parties - no, not the 'petition of concern' kind - the 'dancing till 3 a.m.' kind!

Emily said of the project, "I adopted this place as my home 15 years ago, but I’m not a citizen so I can’t vote here. I f*ing love voting, though. A few years ago I tried to convince a friend that we should start a new political party for NI: The Party Party. Our platform: JOY IS NOT A LUXURY. I’d be the candidate, he'd manage my campaign. He said no. (He also pointed out that because I can’t vote, I also can’t run for office. How clever.) So I’m doing this instead: collecting memories of parties from the people of NI via a quick, anonymous survey. It’s cracker so far - but I still have no idea how it’ll turn out. It’s an election and the count is ongoing..."

Well Emily, this is the end result. Get your dancing shoes on, stat.

But wait, it's not really the end! Emily had so much fun collecting your stories that she's keeping the project open for anyone to add their own story anonymously. You can share yours here.

Nearly 70 lovely souls contributed their own (anonymous!) party stories to this project. They ranged from joyful and silly to hard and heartbreaking - and some were downright strange. Some of them are included in the audio play - all mixed up together.

Here is a full timeline of each party, as related (and rated) by the people who experienced them - plus some extra bits Emily found in her research.

Feeling political? Please vote. And for anyone who’s curious: The Official Monster Raving Loony Party: How to get involved

Emily is grateful for everyone who gave their words to this group party piece. "Yis are brilliant. Keep on raving."

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