The MAC has been built, created and sustained with the generous support of our many partners. We thank them all. If you are interested in supporting the MAC please contact We would be delighted to speak to you about our sponsorship platforms.

Principal Funder

Capital Funders

Logo of Belfast City council. Logo is made up of two gold lions surrounding a shield with a blue background and Belfast City council text alongside.
Logo of Department of Communities. Light and dark purple circles make up the logo with the Department of communities text and website alongside.

Significant Funders

Logo of Garfield Weston foundation in grey text
Logo of Ulster garden Villages limited with an outline of a tree.
Logo of Esmee Fairbairn with a small circle of pick with the letter ef inside.
Logo of John Ellerman foundation in black text.

Past and Present Sponsors

Logo of Lefranc Bourgeois in white text against a blue background
Logo of Ulster back in dark blue
Logo of Pinsent Masons in black text
Logo of Gilbert Ash construction with a large red box with the letters GA inside
Logo of Absolut vodka in dark blue
Logo of Belfast Harbour in pink and black
Logo of Lidl with a blue background and the Lidl text in blue and red in a yellow circle.
Logo of Volvic water against a green volcano image.
Logo of Phoenix Natural gas in light blue text with a light blue outline of a flame.