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Artist Videos

A Video interview with artist Mark Garry

Meet the Artist: Mark Garry

Mark's exhibition, Songs and the Soil, across all three of the MAC’s galleries, will represent the most significant presentation of Mark Garry’s work to date, developed specifically for the MAC over the last two and a half years.

A Video interview with artists Paul Stephen Benjamin, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr, Aria Dean, Troy Michie, and Arcmanoro Niles.

Meet the Artists: On Refusal

On Refusal: Representation & Resistance in Contemporary American Art is a group exhibition across all three of the MAC’s galleries exploring ideas of representation, refusal and resistance in the work of a number of contemporary American artists.

A Video interview with Danielo Correale

Meet the Artist: Danielo Correale

For Correale’s first exhibition in Ireland, the MAC presents They will say I killed them, a major new film work produced by Careof in partnership with the MAC. They will say I killed them is the result of an in-depth investigation into Italian cinema from the 1950s to the 1980s, that for different reasons were left on shelves in the form of screenplays, or filed away in the minds of directors, without ever becoming films because of censorship.

A Video interview with Mark McGreevy

Meet the Artist: Mark McGreevy

This exhibition brings together a major new body of work by the Belfast based painter Mark McGreevy. McGreevy’s practice has long been celebrated for offering possible windows into other imaginary worlds and distorted realities, creating visual conundrums that imply quizzical and intimate overviews of imagery and speculative spaces.

A video interview with Valeria Carullo

Meet The Curator: Valeria Carullo

Rationalism on Set: Glamour and Modernity in 1930s Italian Cinema explores a little-known period of Italian cinematic history, highlighting the strong Modernist influence apparent in the set designs created for a number of romantic comedies during the inter-war years. The photographs in the exhibition are primarily sourced from the Cineteca Nazionale, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Rome), the Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Turin) and the RIBA Collections.

A Video interview with artists Frances Hegarty & Andrew Stones

Meet the Artist: Frances Hegarty & Andrew Stones

The Land That… is a video and mixed-media project by Frances Hegarty & Andrew Stones, based on their collaborative engagement with a ten-acre plot of land in Co. Donegal. Ongoing for over five years, the work considers this land from the artists’ combined personal perspectives, and as a miniature territory in a discussion about “Land/s” in a wider anthropological, cultural and political sense.

A Video interview with artist Christopher James Burns

Meet the Artist: Christopher James Burns

Christopher James Burns (b. 1988) is a Belfast based artist whose practice draws upon the particular context in which he lives. Working predominantly in sculpture and installation, Burns explores the complex relationship between memory, place and the construction of identity, with his works often challenging the meaning and value of the objects around us; particularly those that purport to commemorate or communicate our past.

An interview with Lindsay Seers

Meet the Artist: Lindsay Seers

Every Thought There Ever Was is a major new touring exhibition by Lindsay Seers. Incorporating industrial robotics in conjunction with a three-screen video projection, the work is shaped by philosophical ideas and scientific research concerned with the phenomenon of consciousness.

An interview with Gilbert & George

Meet the Artist: Gilbert & George

SCAPEGOATING PICTURES for Belfast is the first significant presentation of work by Gilbert and George in Ireland since their attention-grabbing exhibition at Ormeau Baths Gallery in 1999.

An interview with Curator of Shonky - John Walter

Meet the Curator: John Walter

Curated by artist John Walter, Shonky: The Aesthetics of Awkwardness brings together international artists and architects to explore the nature of visual awkwardness. 'Shonky' is a Hayward Touring exhibition developed in partnership with the MAC, Belfast; DCA, Dundee and Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre.

An interview with artist Dougal McKenzie on his latest exhibition at the MAC, personal practice, and what inspired the title of the exhibition.

Meet the Artist: Dougal McKenzie

'A Dream and an Argument' represents a major new body of work by Edinburgh-born, Belfast based artist Dougal McKenzie. It brings together key elements of McKenzie’s practice: an interest in history and storytelling through images, and an investigation into whether it is possible to represent these as ‘memory’ in painting.

An interview with artist Bill Saunders on his professional practice

Meet the Artist: Bill Saunders

This is the first major institutional exhibition by Belfast based artist Bill Saunders, who works primarily in sculpture. In this exhibition - Side Steps These Ferried Measures Rise - Saunders considers the very site where artwork is made — the profound “thinking space” that is the studio — as a source of inspiration for his work.

An interview with curator Andrew Mummery, curator of Carol Rhodes: Survey

Meet the Curator: Andrew Mummery

Andrew Mummery is the Curator of Carol Rhodes: Survey. This is the first solo presentation of Carol Rhodes’ work in Ireland, and her most extensive exhibition since the mid-career retrospective at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, in 2007.

An interview with curator Manuela Pacella and Italian artists Riccardo Giacconi, Invernomuto and Luca Trevisani on the creation of new exhibition at the MAC, Lost in Narration.

Meet the Curator & Artists: Lost in Narration

A major new exhibition guest curated by Manuela Pacella that brings together several multi-layered projects across a range of media by Italian artists Riccardo Giacconi, Invernomuto and Luca Trevisani.

A video interview with artist Barbara Knezevic

Meet the Artist: Barbara Knezevic

The first institutional solo exhibition in the UK and Ireland from Dublin-based artist Barbara Knezevic. This exhibition begins with a proposition. What if this is the last thing, the final material to be pulled out of the ground, the final piece of stuff that has not already been purposed by humans?

A video interview with artist Keith Wilson

Meet the Artist: Keith Wilson

For this major exhibition in our Upper Gallery, British artist Keith Wilson further develops his longstanding investigation into the cultural status of sculpture, considering how ideas develop in the private sphere of the artist’s studio.

A video interview with artist Liam Crichton

Meet the Artist: Liam Crichton

This newly commissioned work by Belfast-based artist Liam Crichton responds to the architectural space of our Sunken Gallery, transforming it into an immersive installation that takes its name from the psychoactive sedative Benzodiazepine.

A Video interview with the two curators of the exhibition Double Act

Meet the Curators: David Campbell and Mark Durden

Double Act: Art & Comedy explored the importance of comedy in shaping meaning, and how it can help us negotiate the complexities of everyday life. Curated by David Campbell and Mark Durden in association with Bluecoat, Liverpool.

A video interview with artist Niamh McCann

Meet the Artist: Niamh McCann

Niamh McCann: La Perruque was the first major solo exhibition of work in Northern Ireland from the Dublin-based artist and explored many different reference points, distilling them into a kind of sculptural poetry.

A video interview with artist Mariah Garnett

Meet the Artist: Mariah Garnett

Mariah Garnett: Other and Father was the first solo exhibition in the UK and Ireland of work by the LA-based artist which mixed documentary, narrative and experimental film-making practices.

A video interview with artist Helen O'Leary

Meet the Artist: Helen O'Leary

Helen O'Leary: The Shelf Life of Facts was a new site-specific commission for our Upper Gallery and concerned itself with the uncertainty present in any economic downturn or change and in the rupture between external and internal life.

A Video interview with artist Barbara Freeman.

Meet the Artist: Barbara Freeman

This work represents Barbara Freeman’s first film project. It follows the course of the River Bann in Northern Ireland with a montage of images and sounds.

A Video interview with artist Paddy McCann

Meet the Artist: Paddy McCann

This exhibition by Paddy McCann presented a major new body of work developed over the past two years and marked the beginning of a new direction in the artist’s practice, exploring new ideas in gesture and scale and methods of working with the medium of paint.

A Video interview with artist Kevin Henderson

Meet the Artist: Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson has primarily used actions and performances to express and explore ideas within his artistic practice, using the writings of authors and artists as starting points for ideas, or frameworks to which ideas can be related.

A Video interview with artist Colin Darke

Meet the Artist: Colin Darke

Behind the scenes with artist Colin Darke as he talks about his 2014 exhibition at the MAC, titled 'Grotesque Mediocrity'.

A Video Interview with Peter Liversidge

Meet the Artist: Peter Liversidge

In recent years London-based artist Peter Liversidge has become known for his polymathic approach to exhibition making, inundating curators with pages of proposals which are usually sent via the post.

A Video Interview with Graham Gingles

Meet the Artist: Graham Gingles

Behind the scenes with artist, Graham Gingles as he talks about his exhibition 'At times like these men were wishing they were all kinds of insects' - a new solo exhibition at the MAC presented in 2014.

A Video interview with artist Susan Connolly

Meet the Artist: Susan Connolly

Susan Connolly presents a series of new works which explore the physical qualities of paint extending our understanding of contemporary painting.

A Video interview with artist Richard Gorman

Meet the Artist: Richard Gorman: KIN

Richard Gorman has spent the past twenty years refining his vision of, and his fluency, in paint. He has chiseled out a compositional language and tonal spectrum that are his own. He insists that his paintings mean no more or no less than what they are.

A Video interview with artist Kara Walker

Meet the Artist: Kara Walker

We at the MAC are exceedingly proud to present an exhibition of capable artworks by the notable hand of the celebrated American, Kara Elizabeth Walker, Negress.