Eleanor Conway: Talk Dirty To Me


Date: 4 Nov 2023
Time: 8pm
Duration: 100 mins
Location: Upstairs at the MAC
£14 - £22
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How Our Prices Work

How Our Prices Work

Better seats. Better prices. Better get your skates on.

We set our ticket prices in a similar way to airlines - the earlier you book, the cheaper the seat. Our Upstairs Theatre tickets for this show start low at £14 and rise over time to a maximum of £22 the nearer it gets to the performance.

Our ticket price promise: the earlier you book, the more you save

Unlike most price promises, we guarantee that ours will never be cheaper than they are today. The closer it gets to the performance date, the higher they become.

Seats in the Upstairs Theatre are unallocated so when you arrive, an usher will direct you to an available seat.

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Broadway Baby

‘A champion for anyone that’s chased orgasms’ 

The Skinny

‘Chaotic and electric’ 

Female First 

 ‘It would make a sensational movie’ 

The Edit

 ‘If you like your humour raw, punchy and clever go and see this impressive hour of comedy’ 

The Wee Review

 ‘Her time in the limelight leaves the audience on a sensational high’ 

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