A Time Comes
the MAC

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“While for some of us this COVID time isn’t the worst, there are others for whom it is - a time of isolation, sickness, or grief. And COVID isn’t the only thing putting people under pressure. Inside and outside, there are many people getting it tight. Obviously, our hearts are with them. But I wanted to offer something else to them as well - the words of this poem, brought so beautifully to life by Garth, Suzanne, and Conan.

And, for what it’s worth, I offer this thought too: It is a fact that in the darkest spaces I have ever been I have eventually found slivers of light, or the ingredients of light.

That time has always come. So far. It really has.” - Damian Gorman

  • Poem by Damian Gorman
  • Performed by Suzanne Savage
  • Composed by Garth McConaghie
  • Video by Conan McIvor

Proudly supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

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