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Illustrations which has been created using the photographic submissions from you, our MAC audience. Photos of life in lockdown, friends, family, animals, countryside views and the ordinary moments at home have inspired our team to create this special short film. Another inspiration for the films’ creative elements also stemmed from a poem titled ‘Sonnet’ written by Sacha White, which you can read below:

We happily marooned ourselves inside the house and set adrift
the outside world, then took to building smaller borders.
I claimed the spare room for a study, with its loose-tile-leak dripping
spring showers onto the windowsill. The view of rooftops
changed slowly with the season, evening shadows shortened
and summer came regardless of our absence. It arrived in punnets
from the grocers, smelling of elsewhere.
I slowly overwhelmed the house with plants,
studied where the sunstreams hit at different times
and carefully arranged long-leafed aspidistras and string-of-hearts,
parlour palms and an optimistic citrus tree.
Still, as soon as it was possible to venture back out into life,
I walked as far as I could, found warm sour berries in the bushes,
sat on the park bench, ate them greedily.

  • Music: Una Monaghan & Lyra Pramuk
  • Cartoon Illustrations: Andrea Montgomery
  • Video: Conan McIvor
  • Photography supplied by the MAC audience: Alana Barton, Alexandra Platt, HB Moore, Brenda Graham, Café Carberry, Carol Moore, Conor Ross, David Fitzsimmons, El McCullough, Jane Coyle, Jennifer Ebbage, Joe Laverty, Katie Ballentine, Ken Giles, Laney Mannion, Leanne Thornbury, Marelle Hannah, Marianna Patane, Melanie Bowden, Natalie Grabecki, Nuala Donnelly, Roberta Mawhinney, Rosie McGurran, Shona Pryde, Sylvia Pititto, Suzanne Burell, Thomas Hawkins.

Proudly supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

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