Help us do more of what you love. The MAC is truly your space. It’s you, the audience and visitors, who bring the energy, buzz and warmth to the MAC year-round. Our central mission is to enrich peoples lives through the power of imagination. We mean all lives in Northern Ireland, not just some. So that means opening the MAC to the widest possible audience, keeping our ticket prices affordable and creating the most accessible arts centre in the city.

The MAC is also a charity so in order to do that, we depend on both the funding we receive, but we also need to raise over £500,000 every year ourselves. As a registered charity, we rely on the generosity of our visitors, supporters and loyal audiences to help us achieve that target.  By making a one-off donation, or a regular direct debit gift, you can really make a difference.

Here’s what your gift could be used for:

  • £2 covers the bus fare for one local school pupil to travel to the MAC as part of our Passport to the MAC scheme
  • £5 is the suggested donation for a day spent exploring the MAC. It helps us to keep three art galleries open year-round with free admission
  • £10 covers the cost of one community ticket so a young person can come and see a live theatre production
  • £50 could pay for a ticket for a local family to enjoy their first visit to the theatre 
  • £250 could help pay for an invaluable sensory workshop for a class of school children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (see our MACtile Tours project)
  • £500 goes towards a bursary to support one emerging artist, through our Hatch programme

Whatever you can give, we really do appreciate it. You can make a donation online, add it to the price of your tickets, or drop in one of the donation boxes at the MAC. Thank you for your support.

MAC Charity registration number NIC100808

Make a Donation
A mother and her daughter enjoying a MAC creative workshop at Halloween Photograph of downstairs theatre filled with young people at ID Day event.