Dani Dives In
Diona Doherty

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Meet Dani.

Dani, with an i. Also, Dani with a podcast series who isn’t exactly chuffed to be back home living with her parents and younger brother. As she attempts to record her latest update and compound the lie that her life is actually great, a series of unintentional interruptions reveal the truth. A truth that exposes what Dani has been hiding. The truth about being 31, losing her job and living back home.

You’ll meet Dani, her family and maybe even a lost dog called George in this 10 minute audio play titled Dani Dives In, the fourth in a series of eight called On the Street Where We Live

Written by By Diona Doherty
Dani voiced by Diona Doherty
Dad voiced by Keith Lynch
Michael voiced by Conor Cupples
Mum voiced by Orla Mullan

Age guidance: 16+

You can’t come to our place, so we’ll come to yours.
On The Street Where We Live explores love, tragedy and redemption; hope, compassion and forgiveness. It’s funny and upbeat; tragic and heart-wrenching. It’s about real people leading unreal lives. It’s about the times we’re living through. It’s about the streets we’re living on.

Meet the Creative Team

Written by and Dani voiced by Diona Doherty

Actor, writer and stand-up comedian, Diona Doherty’s, TV performance credits include Derry Girls (CH4/Netflix), Soft Border Patrol (BBC1), Give My Head Peace (BBC1), Penance (Ch5) and The Break (BBC3). As a writer she has written Dani Dive’s In in On The Street Where We Live for the MAC Audio Lab in which she will also play ‘Dani’, upcoming short film Negative Stepmum for the BBC Iplayer as well as an episode of BBC radio comedy, What Happens In Ulster, due for broadcast March 2021. For Theatre she has written upcoming productions Dinner Ladies, Home Malone and Sunny Side Up for Red Brick Road Productions as well as BridesMaids of Northern Ireland and Cinder On Tinder for GBL Productions. Diona can currently be seen as a panellist on BBC’s comedy panel show, The Blame Game and as a series on radio comedy A Perforated Ulster.

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