SOUR BREATH // adolescent gutter
Meghan Tyler

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Meet Scott, Deborah and Sophie.

Three students thrown together by COVID-19 quarantine, they are trapped in the company of strangers. This isn’t the university life they were promised and as the atmosphere in the house becomes increasingly claustrophobic, Scott buries himself in his music and Deborah dives into the bottle. An unexpected suggestion from Sophie offers friendship and redemption as together they embark on the trip of a lifetime.

You’ll meet Scott, Sophie, Deborah, her girlfriend Danielle and learn more about George the lost dog in SOUR BREATH // adolescent gutter, the final instalment of this audio-play series, On the Street Where We Live.

Written by Meghan Tyler
Danielle voiced by Maeve Smyth
Deborah voiced by Sarah Reid
Scott voiced by Thomas Finnegan
Sophie voiced by Orla Graham

Disclaimer: Contains adult humour, drug use, and adult themes

Age guidance: 16+

You can’t come to our place, so we’ll come to yours.
On The Street Where We Live explores love, tragedy and redemption; hope, compassion and forgiveness. It’s funny and upbeat; tragic and heart-wrenching. It’s about real people leading unreal lives. It’s about the times we’re living through. It’s about the streets we’re living on.

Meet the Creative Team

Written by Meghan Tyler

“Irrepressible Irish theatre minx” (The List) Meghan Tyler trained as an actor at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. As a playwright, she has been a recipient of Channel 4 Playwrights’ Award supported by The Traverse Theatre, a recipient of the New Playwrights’ Award with Playwrights’ Studio Scotland and been part of The New Playwrights’ Programme with The Lyric Theatre, Belfast. At the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival her play Crocodile Fever took the Traverse Theatre by storm. Meghan currently has a residency at The National Theatre.

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