Ginger Beer + Low Self Esteem
Ciara Elizabeth Smyth

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Meet Caoimhe.

Lovely, yet feeling unloved. In fact, so low in self-esteem and desperate for a soulmate that she seeks out the sort of people she wouldn’t normally entertain. And when her online searches result in less than ideal encounters, she starts to question who she is and what she wants from life. It’s a re-evaluation that highlights the importance of self-worth and ultimately leads to redemption.

You’ll meet Caoimhe, her housemate, dodgy digital suitors and hear more about lost dog George in Ginger Beer & Low Self-Esteem, the sixth in a series of eight audio plays called On the Street Where We Live.

Written by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth
Caoimhe voiced by Ruby Campbell

Disclaimer: Deals with adult themes and contains some sexual content

Age guidance: 16+

You can’t come to our place, so we’ll come to yours.
On The Street Where We Live explores love, tragedy and redemption; hope, compassion and forgiveness. It’s funny and upbeat; tragic and heart-wrenching. It’s about real people leading unreal lives. It’s about the times we’re living through. It’s about the streets we’re living on.

Meet the Creative Team

Written by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth

Ciara Elizabeth Smyth is an award-winning Irish playwright based in Edinburgh. Her plays have been presented by the Abbey Theatre, Fishamble; The New Play Company, Dublin Fringe, Project Arts Centre and Bewley’s Cafe Theatre. Currently, Ciara is on commission to adapt her debut play, All honey, (Fishamble New Writing Award 2017) and her 2019 play SAUCE for television, with Buccaneer Media and Maia Pictures, respectively. She is also on commission with the National Youth Theatre of Ireland, Fishamble; New Play Company, the Abbey Theatre and Chapter One Pictures. Ciara was the playwright on Rough Magic’s SEEDS programme 2018-2020, recipient of the Next Generation Award 2020 and is represented by Curtis Brown.

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