Overcoming Period Pain & PMS with Lisa de Jong
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PMS and period pain are common distressing and impactful difficulties that women often put up with in private.


Overcoming Period Pain & PMS with Lisa de Jong

Do you know what exactly causes pain and how to improve it?

Join us for this workshop with Women’s Health Coach, Lisa de Jong where we will dive into the neuroscience, biology and psychology of pain and PMS. Learn the tricks and tips to ease suffering and prevent pain in the first place. Yes, it’s much more than hot water bottles and painkillers!

About the speaker


Lisa de Jong is a wellbeing and health coach specialising in the menstrual cycle, chronic pain, somatic mental health and nervous system regulation. She helps people to feel better within their bodies and improve other areas of their lives through a somatic approach. Her work is informed by neuroscience, biology, psychology as well as her own personal journey with chronic pain. She has a background of working in communications in the corporate world before embarking on a career dedicated to women’s health. She works with clients through private 1:1 work, group workshops and online courses. She offers free consultations and resources via her website.

Find out more at, via her Instagram or Twitter.

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