Soothing Stress & Living Well with Lisa de Jong
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Stress at home. Stress in work. Stress even when you’re asleep!


Soothing Stress & Living Well

Very few of us are currently unaffected by long-term stress. It is normal to experience stress but over long periods of time, it can lead to more serious challenges and doesn’t make for an enjoyable life.

If this doesn’t sound like much fun, watch this empowering workshop with Health Coach, Lisa de Jong, where we looked at the biology and neuroscience of stress and learn to understand your own personal triggers of stress and gain some simple hacks to prevent stress from taking over your day.

About the facilitator


Lisa de Jong is a wellbeing and health coach specialising in the menstrual cycle, chronic pain, somatic mental health and nervous system regulation. She helps people to feel better within their bodies and improve other areas of their lives through a somatic approach. Her work is informed by neuroscience, biology, psychology as well as her own personal journey with chronic pain. She has a background of working in communications in the corporate world before embarking on a career dedicated to women’s health. She works with clients through private 1:1 work, group workshops and online courses. She offers free consultations and resources via her website.

Find out more at, via her Instagram or Twitter.

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