MAC call out for volunteers (MACtivists) to be a part of Gilbert & George exhibition

The MAC is preparing for one of the biggest and most exciting exhibitions to date, Gilbert & George: SCAPEGOATING PICTURES for BELFAST which opens to the public on 26 January – 22 April. MACtivists (MAC volunteers) are one of the MAC’s greatest assets, they are a talented bunch of people who give their time to the MAC. MACtivists are at the heart of the MAC and are responsible for the warm and welcoming experience MAC customers feel on every single visit. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life, some want to learn new skills or meet new people, whilst others have a passion for art and live theatre.

You can apply to be a MAC volunteer at any time of the year, however over the next few weeks, the MAC will be doing a recruitment drive for volunteers to be a part of their most exciting exhibition yet. We are expecting to welcome thousands of visitors throughout the duration of Gilbert & George: SCAPEGOATING PICTURES for Belfast and this is where we need your help.

Gilbert & George are themselves 100% MAC in their manifesto “what our art means" and from 1970 they proclaimed:


“We want Our Art to speak across the barriers of knowledge directly to people about their life and not about their knowledge of art. The 20th century has been cursed with an art that cannot be understood. The decadent artists stand for themselves and their chosen few, laughing and dismissing the normal outsider. We say that puzzling, obscure and form-obsessed art is decadent and a cruel denial of the Life of People”.

If you are interested in being a volunteer at the MAC and being part of the Gilbert & George exhibition, please send your application form in by 2 February 2018. Download your form here.