MAC Hatch Artist Alana Henderson releases new single

MAC Hatch Artist Alana Henderson is a cellist and singer-songwriter from Co. Tyrone. Her self-released Wax and Wane EP (2014) drew solid comparisons to Joanna Newsome and Fiona Apple. Shortly thereafter she stepped up to accompany Hozier on cello and supporting vocals on a worldwide tour. Now, after a period of post-tour decompression and during her time as Hatch Artist at the MAC, Alana has released her new single - titled 'Let This Remain'.

Alana's new single, Let This Remain, is an icy and unforgiving anti-ballad, fusing an electronic undercurrent to her darkly organic indie-folk. Listen to the track here.

Alana’s mastery of the cello is a highlight of the track, showcasing her dynamic techniques that are looped and overlapped to create a dramatic atmosphere; expertly balancing an arrangement that is both haunting and beautiful. Written in L.A. near the end of that massive tour, the lyrics reflect on the transient nature of relationships on the road and the emotional detachment that ensues. When no relationship is expected to last, she jabs, “you could be the one I don’t regret…yet.”

“After a period of post-tour decompression it was recorded at a friend’s isolated Irish cottage with the help of Belfast-based musician/producer Alan Haslam and using only the most rudimentary equipment; my cello, a Roland Juno-106 synthesiser and a TR-808 drum machine, along with some improvised acoustic percussion (we snapped a pair of shoe trees together for the snare sound).”

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