Mark Thomas in 5-star Edinburgh Fringe show England & Son at the MAC

England & Son, which comes to the MAC on 11 November 2023, has been written specifically for Mark by award-winning playwright Ed Edwards. Ed's previous play The Political History of Smack and Crack garnered great critical acclaim in 2018. This is Mark’s first ever tour in a production that he has not written himself.

‘Any nation that devours another will one day devour itself'. Prepare to be taken on a kaleidoscopic odyssey where disaster capitalism, empire, stolen youth and stolen wealth merge into the simple tale of a working-class boy who just wants his dad to smile at him.

With some deep, dark laughs - and some deep, dark love - along the way, this is a one-man play based on characters from Mark’s own childhood as well as Ed's personal experience in jail.

Having garnered 5-star reviews and even more awards this Fringe, Mark is now as reputed in theatre as he is in comedy. He’s done shows about visiting the West Bank, starting a comedy club in Jenin, espionage, lobbying Parliament, walking in the footsteps of the highest NHS officials, playing at The Royal Opera House, stopping arms deals and creating manifestos.

He had six series of The Mark Thomas Comedy Product on Channel 4, several television documentaries and radio series, written some books, grabbed a Guinness World Record, toured sell-out tours, won numerous awards, nabbed himself a Medal of Honour and succeeded in changing some laws along the way. He has most recently been awarded his London bus pass, an honour he is possibly prouder of than any of the above.

Directed by Cressida Brown.

WINNER - LUSTRUM AWARD WINNER 2023 for unforgettable festival shows
WINNER - WOW (Entertainment Now) Edinburgh Festival Week 1 Best Theatre Show
WINNER – Holden Street Theatres’ Award Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023
WINNER – Entertainment Now Award for Outstanding Theatre

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