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Community Projects

Our Learning & Participation team at the MAC work every day to build relationships, and interaction with the arts in our local community. This is where we document our community work.

“Untitled” (For Belfast)

“Untitled” (For Belfast) is a unique and exciting community project which was designed by the MAC to coincide with “Untitled” (For Jeff), an artwork by Felix Gonzalez-Torres. 

Lilliput Now

Lilliput Now was one of the MAC’s cross-community projects, inspired by the themes of Big Telly’s & the MAC’s production of Gulliver.

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School Visits

When it comes to bringing a lesson alive, the MAC is the place to be. We’ve welcomed over 15,000 school children to the MAC and counting, so if you haven’t been to visit us yet here are a few ideas of how to get the most from your MAC visit.

Primary School Visit

There’s lots happening at the MAC for your Key Stage 1 & 2 classes. Whether you’re interested in a creative workshop, or an enchanting theatre production, here’s all the practical information you’ll need to plan your visit to the MAC.

Secondary School Visit

Whether you’re interested in getting behind the scenes with a theatre production or exploring world class art exhibitions, we’ve got something you’ll love. Below, we’ve gathered all the practical information you’ll need to plan your visit to the MAC.

School Projects

At the MAC, we’re always inventing creative ways for schools to get involved in the arts. Here, you can read about our recent projects, which represent our ongoing commitment to support the next generation of artists and performers.

Passport to the MAC

We know just how difficult it can be to cover costs of getting out of the classroom. So we’ve come up with Passport to the MAC.